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Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee Scrubs

Cherokee has a vast collection of products with attractive styles and different colors.  Though we are trying to stock a maximum number of products, we are limited to keep only a few of them in our retail stores.  But, considering our customers’ taste and in order to cater our best service, we have uploaded all the styles in all color and size combinations in our website, so that customers can select the products which suits them best in terms of color, size and style. 

 As customers’ interest is paramount for us, we always give our best in order that customers will have a chance to explore the website and make the choice of their liking. 

While placing the order, please bear in mind that owing to the COVID 19 pandemic affected world over, we are also experiencing some delays in getting the merchandise delivered from the suppliers thus the delivery time would be about 2 to 3 weeks.  But, we can happily split the deliveries to ship out whatever is available in stock and rest upon receipt from the supplier, with no additional cost. 

We sell Scrubs to local customers through our retail outlets too and you can call/email or live chat with us if you have any questions or concerns and our experienced sales staff would be pleased to answer your queries with regard to the style, size, etc.

We always focus on quality service to our customers….



Cherokee Scrubs