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Oliver offers specific footwear solutions for the most demanding workplace environments, which usually impose exceptional and difficult performance and protective requirements.

Firefighting services, emergency services, metal and aluminum casting and smelting, mining and petrochemical industries are typical applications where Oliver can offer a safety footwear solution that works.

Oliver Footwear is built for comfort and purpose. Oliver research what is needed in quality footwear to perform the best on the job. Then Oliver design and manufacture to not only meet these requirements but also provide the most comfort solution.

Some examples of innovative solutions for demanding environments are:

Solution Footwear to the most extreme Firefighting requirements.
Oliver is a major supplier of specialised protective footwear to State and Regional Fire Fighting Services around Australia.

The dual density rubber sole Firefighters boots incorporate many new and innovative features including fire retardant and water resistant leathers, fire proof laces, quick release zip closures for easy entry and release. It also utilises COMFORTcushion Impact Absorption System with PORON inserts that not only offer new levels of comfort but also assisted in reducing the incidence of heel strike whilst the cushioning effect helps eliminate foot, leg and lower back fatigue.

All of these features combine to meet the challenge of a very demanding work environment.

Addressing the needs of the Smelter Industry.
Aluminum smelting is one of the most extreme working environments. Oliver has developed footwear specifically designed to survive the most demanding Pot Room dip tests. These tests require the boot to be dipped into the hot Alumina pot at 960º Celsius (1778º Fahrenheit) for at least 3 seconds without allowing the molten material to penetrate the boot. The Oliver boots surpass these stringent tests to offer a complete safety solution to the smelter industry.

Underground Mining Industry needs addressed.
Oliver worked with the mining Industry to develop the BOWEN AT's All Terrain water proof mining boot that not only offered waterproof protection for long periods in underground drilling environments, but also the comfort demanded by miners working the long shift times common in the resources industries. It is fast becoming the comfortable answer to the "old" traditional gumboot.

Oliver Footwear's BOWEN AT's All Terrain mining boot has quickly become the preferred safety footwear choice of underground mining and drilling crews.

And many more……..
Other innovations include Glass Industry footwear with tough abrasion resistant soling and STEELflexstainless steel mid-soles to protect the wearer against puncture wounds. Oliver also produces steel industry boots with METflex metatarsal guards; caustic resistant footwear for the resources and chemical industries; footwear for the automotive, electronic and power industries, to name a few.

Oliver specialised footwear products are widely used by leading Australian industries, companies and services and are achieving growing International acceptance.

If your application has a requirement for specialty safety footwear, Oliver Footwear has the solution.

The OLIVER 3 WAY promise is to provide… the most comfortable, best performance and most durable footwear.

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